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8 days left to buy with Bitcoins

There is only 8 days left to buy the NFC ring on Bitcoinstarter Options include Pledge 0.10000000 Ƀ or more Be your own boss. 3D print your own ring! We will ship you an NFC inlay. Pledge 0.31000000 Ƀ or more NFC Ring & App Pledge 0.31000000 Ƀ or more ALPHA MAN SIZE RING: This […]

Getting your ring size

If you already know your ring size you can skip this step. The difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable ring is only a few tenth of a mm so it’s important you get your ring size right. If you aren’t going to wear your ring all of the time you can probably get by with […]

Rackspace NFC Ring challenge

Rackspace are giving away 100$ free hosting to anyone who can get the private key from their NFC Ring at DEFCON. Look out for the guy wearing the t-shirt with the challenge details on.. This might seem like a really bad idea for us but we want hackers to own this technology, not p0wn it.. […]