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Arduino NFC Ring sizing image

The art of fulfilment

Since launching our first Rings in 2013 we’ve learnt a lot about hardware. One thing that is easily overlooked is fulfillment – just how do you go from factory to the doors and mailboxes of backers, friends and innovators? Getting shipment of Rings that pass QA tests is one hurdle we’ve pretty much got solved […]

TrackHack 2015

TrackHack is a Hackathon where we will be integrating NFC into Web apps. TrackHack will be in London on November 20th –> 22nd @ Campus London. We will have loads of goodies there so if you are technically inclined and this sounds interesting to you then come and tinker with us! Register for this completely […]

Q&A with John Mclear

Here is a quick little Q & A that we did with this guy Are there still plans to integrate NFC unlocking functionality into the AOSP core? Absolutely, we have started more discussions around this.  The basic conundrum with AOSP unlock mechanisms is that there doesn’t exist much in the way of support for graceful […]