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500% Backer Update!

Thank you! Hey guys, well we have all been busy, you have all done a great job commenting about spreading the NFC Ring love over social networks, thank you so much, we’re half way to reaching the amazing stretch goal where Kickstarter Edition backers get a second ring for free so let’s keep pushing! We […]

7 days into Kickstarter.. What’s next?

You did it! In just a week you made the NFC Ring not only a reality but possibly humanities best shot at making wearable technology a movement powered by the people. You already smashed some Stretch goals and got some great things available: – Multiple ring/inlay pledge options – Sweet spot sticker with every ring […]

Security Design

So today we hit £60,000 which is double our target amount.. and there’s still 26 days to go! Thank you to everyone that’s shown their support by backing and making pledges! Share the news with your friends about the awesome NFC Ring 🙂 A lot of questions have come about toddy about the security of […]