New Prototypes – Stealth Bomber, Ring Colours

New Prototypes!

We got some prototypes back from China to give you a better idea of what your ring will look like. You’ve been asking a lot of questions about the stealth bomber ring looks like and also the different ring metal colours.. well here you go! 🙂

black metal with black carbon fiber inlay cover - Imgur
Stealth Bomber!

glossy titanium cover - we need to pick between matt and glossy, use social media to ask people which they prefer - Imgur
Titanium silver with a white glossy inlay cover

GRRcmlL - Imgur
Blue metal white inlay

matt titanium cover - Imgur
Titanium silver with a matt white inlay cover

note that both sides of the black have black carbon fiber inlay cover, this was a mistake, one cover should have been black - Imgur
Ring metal black and blue. The stealth bomber shouldn’t have carbon fiber on both sides it will have one side just a black inlay and the other will be carbon fiber.

ntgS2Bd - Imgur
Black metal, black inlay

Ul9i58y - Imgur

Hope this helps!

Until next time 🙂 …