More rings on route! Kickstarter update

Happy July the 4th, although it offends me to write the month before the day, for this special day in your history I make an exception 😉 — John

Long video update is also available for backers who are suckers for punishemnt..

We usually update bi-weekly but it’s been such a busy week that we felt it was worthwhile doing an update this week. We would firstly like to thank everyone who has given up their time over this week to help us out, cheers guys without you we would have been days behind!

Where is my ring?

Picking collections
We received 1165 rings and this meant we could do a fair amount of picking, packing and shipping!
If we shipped your ring you will have had a shipping confirmation email. We’re pleased to announce we shipped 498 backers orders on Friday and a total of 890 rings.

collection close up

We shipped as many collections as possible, the remaining collections are still waiting on rings, our stock levels are pretty much depleted. We’re due another shipment next week though so we will get more rings out then. We are pleased to announce we shipped 178 collections on Friday. Please note that in the collections 1 or 2 of your rings may be changed, we always kept the size right but if your ring was never going to come into stock (Such as a T-S-R or another obscure order) we felt it was correct to get the closest match out to avoid further delays. The majority of these swap outs were B-B-B replaced with T-T-T due to the factories inability to manufacture the stealth bombers.

Someone can hopefully let us know what % this takes us up to? Benito maybe 😉

The next box of rings is due in either late next week or the week after, we will be updating you as regularly as possible and working as hard as possible to get any rings out we can.


Just thought I’d share some interesting stats and info..

  • We had an overall 82% QA pass rate from our latest batch from our original factory, this is up by ~20%. However less than 2% of the rings were properly QA tested. Normal rings were at 91% and Alphas at 55% pass rate.
  • It took 13.5 man hours to QA test 1165 rings(a team of 3 people). That works out at 86 rings can be QA’d per person per hour. In total we have about 15,000 rings so that’s 175 man hours just in QA testing. We pay the factory to QA test the rings but it’s clear their QA procedures require some additional input.
  • 72% of returns have been RTS (due to incorrect address being provided or inproperly formatted), 16% have been size request change, 12% have been AOB (owner not wanting rings, incorrect ring size shipping, rings going faulty). Our returns procedure is working perfectly so well done to our ring bearers for drafting such a great returns procedure.
  • Custom Rings

    Custom NFC Ring with NFC Ring iconography on

    We’re pleased to announce we will ship the majority of the custom backer rings on Monday! As you can see from the picture above these look amazing and we’re really proud of them. Thanks again to all custom backers for your support and patience, you guys have been the last ones to get to enjoy your ring and we’re sorry for the delays you faced/are facing.

    Disclaimer: Before we get accused of using some fancy magic on the above image, what you are seeing is not a render or modified (other than light balance), what you are seeing is a real photo of a real custom ring we made for some of our promotional materials. It looks awesome right?


    We are working hard on producing some stickers, these stickers will work alongside the NFC Ring for multiple uses such as in an emergency or for sweet spot testing, alas, we need your help! We want your input on the design that will go onto the stickers.

    Sizes required:
    25mm circle
    20 x 15mm rectangle

    Please provide artwork as a .pdf file and please share ideas/designs thoughts through the forum.

    Replacement rings

    We processed all replacements/returns that we could early this week before the latest delivery arrived. You will have received a shipping notification if your ring left on Friday.
    If for whatever reason you want to organize a replacement ring or return your ring please see the returns procedure

    All returns that we can process have now been processed(As of thursday 3rd PM), if we are waiting on an admin fee from you we will have contacted you to let you know.

    Stealth bomber update

    Our new carbon fiber is in and has been sent to the factory to be tested in a ring. We’re not 100% confident this fiber will work because we think it may be overly impregnated but until we get a sample ring back from the factory we wont know. Either way we’re making significant progress with this and even as we continue to fail we learn and adapt to get us closer to the end goal.. Again it’s worth stating this “Stealth Bomber” wont have any original components the first stealth bombers did, it will be a completely new ring so it’s a whole new R&D process for us with the associated costs/delays that entails!