With pride of lion – Kickstarter update

Also a long video update here..

This is probably our most joyful update to write since we started our Kickstarter campaign, it feels good and we’re really proud of what our team and community has achieved. Firstly a thank you to our team and the army of people who have helped us QA test, pick and pack over the last 2 weeks. As you guys may have seen from Social Media and Kickstarter comments a lot of rings have landed and things have been going incredibly smoothly (Touches wood *giggidy). Thank you to everyone who has received a ring and posted a kind comment or message, we read them all and it means a lot! We’re not celebrating yet though!

We’re getting very close to complete fulfillment now. Over the past 2 weeks we shipped 748 awesome backers packages and we’re due to ship another ~350 this week taking us to 92% of fulfilled backer orders. As you can imagine this update is going to focus primarily on fulfillment updates, as that has been all encompassing. Thanks again for being so patient waiting for your rings. When you consider we started fulfillment in February, to wait 6 months is a big ask and we’re really grateful you guys and gals stuck with us. Hopefully all of the issues we have ironed out during this 6 months will make it worth the wait!

But I’m still waiting on mine

We still have the very final push to do, I’m sorry if your order falls into this category. We have sent you an email letting you know we haven’t forgotten about you. We are considering the option of allowing the remaining backers to get in touch to discuss the potential of changing the ring that is causing the delays. What do you think about this? Please do comment and let us know, please don’t email us about this yet as our backers should be able to decide on how we proceed. We do read through the comments so if you think this is a good or bad idea express why, it will cause us some additional support tickets but we’re ready to handle it and eager to get the remainder of the Kickstarter orders fulfilled.

Social Tentacles

Over the past two weeks we have seen so much awesome social splat on the Internet from you guys. It really helps us start to grow out little business and we really really appreciate it. Here are a few of our favorites:

QA Improvements

The deliveries over the last 2 weeks have had a 93% QA Pass rate. Anyone following this project will know just how bad some of the rings sent to us from the factory have looked and subsequently the high number of QA failures we have rejected. It appears the factory have figured out the manufacturing and QA process on the majority of rings, so to get such a high pass rate really sets us up for future production. Thanks to the factory and everyone who has worked hard on getting the rings to a high quality – especially to you guys, our awesome backers who had the idea of switching from Steel to titanium – probably my favorite piece of backer input on this project to date and a real message to other crowd-funding campaigns about how crowd-funding can be a success story.

However, we have now been experiencing a high failure rate in the factory of the rings with a white inlay cover. We believe this is due to the epoxy being stained by the other components in the ring. We’re looking at ways to resolve this and we think we have some solutions in place but they will take up to 8 weeks to implement. This wont change anything as far as Kickstarter fulfillment is concerned, as we will absorb the cost of these failures. It does mean that we may pause pre-orders of those rings until we test if our proposed solution works.


  • All custom rings are now fulfilled, some of them are breathtakingly beautiful. Fans of Hak5 might want to ask Darren to show you his NFC Ring, our designer Chris did the design and it’s a work of art very rare gem.
  • Various minor software bug-fixes and improvements landed over the past few weeks
  • We’re pausing a lot of pre-order options so we can knuckle down, build stock levels and prepare for a huge launch with a focus on Christmas sales.
  • No major update on Carbon fiber or a black ring, the factories have been messing us around over the past 2 weeks and we haven’t had time to be on top of them as we have been busy fulfilling orders.
  • Getting involved

    There are countless exciting projects happening around the ring and we’d love you to get involved. We try to provide the right platform for you so hopefully one of these awesome places will tickle your fancy.
    Forum: https://forum.nfcring.com
    IRC: #nfcring on freenode.net
    Tube of you