The art of fulfilment

image of ring sizing

Reading Ring sizes

Since launching our first Rings in 2013 we’ve learnt a lot about hardware. One thing that is easily overlooked is fulfillment – just how do you go from factory to the doors and mailboxes of backers, friends and innovators?
Getting shipment of Rings that pass QA tests is one hurdle we’ve pretty much got solved now – and whilst waiting for the 2016 Rings to land we’re addressing some of the other tasks.
Arduino NFC Ring sizing image

Automating our Ring sizing process

The first task is sizing – the Rings arrive in a big box divided into different sizes – but experience tells this isn’t reliable – sometimes they get mixed up. In the past we meticulously checked each Ring size by hand. This time around we’re streamlining: improving how this works and slashing time per check so we can get Rings to you as fast as possible. Plus it’s a great excuse to get prototyping, laser cutting and hacking with friends from the maker community!

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