Get your Alpha Rings, Android Native NFC Unlock & Hats off to our community member Jeff Flowers

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  • Alpha Rings available on the store
  • Native Android NFC Unlock Support available in Lollipop

Alphas are now available to order.

Grab your Alpha ring now! Come on, what you waiting for? Wrestle a bear.

Native Android NFC Unlock Support

As many of you already know it’s been an amazing week for us. NFC Unlock will now be natively supported in Android!

The key factor in our team achieving this was a community member, Jeff Flowers. Jeff kindly introduced me(John) to Google and that’s when we things started to fall into place. I think we can all really thank Jeff for his effort and also for being a great guy. Thanks to everyone who has supported the project, we should all be very proud of achieving this milestone.

Thanks also goes to Google, with our work semi-done on NFC Unlocking we can start to focus on introducing other awesome new enhancements and features(such as paying for beer). We’d love to have you be part of the ongoing journey at:

IRC: #nfcring on
NFC Ring Forum
Tube of you

Coming soon…

  • Carbon Fiber update
  • More places to purchase
  • Kate Upton is awesome
  • Super fast worldwide fulfillment