Kickstarter Shipping update, Stealth bombers update, Replacement Rings info, NFC ring Unlock update and get using the Forum!

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TLDR; Good news, lots of rings out this week and lots more going out over the next 7 days.

NerFC gun!

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who has posted pics and updates on social tentacles, we really appreciate it. Also thanks for sticking with us, it’s been a long road but it’s great to know you guys are really enjoying the rings!

How many rings did we ship since the last update?

983 Rings have been sent in the last week, this takes us to nearly 60% of Orders fulfilled. The majority of rings that were shipped went as temporary rings to single ordered Black plating ring.
Over the next week we’re working on shipping collections and stealth bomber replacements. We know replacing the stealth bombers isn’t ideal but feedback from people coming in who have got there temporary rings has been positive. We are really happy with how the Vintage, Classic and Signature have turned out.

When is the next batch arriving with us?

We’re due a delivery on either Friday or Saturday. This is a shipment of 2000 rings and we think by the 28th we should have been able to fulfill 85% of Kickstarter orders.

What about the last 15% of the orders?

We will be pushing the factory to get the final rings out to us ASAP, sorry if you got caught in this trap of being one of the last orders to be fulfilled, we appreciate it’s not a comfortable place to be but rest assured we’re doing everything we can to ramp up our production to meet demand!

What’s the latest with the stealth bombers?

We are now focusing all our energy on seeing if we can develop a solution for the Stealth Bomber and black plated rings in general. They do look really good when finished however we need to find a way to reduce the 80% failure rate and this has meant going back to the drawing board on our ring design. We’re also no closer to providing a real solution for the carbon fiber problem, each avenue we have explored so far is a dead end, sadly R&D processes often go this route and it takes time to find a method of production that matches our high level of expectations.

How will we deal with the replacement ring

We are going to be issuing you with a voucher for a replacement ring. So if the one that you have is slightly too big or too small, don’t worry about receiving a ring that doesn’t fit we will let you choose the perfect ring from our store. There is no need for you to contact us to arrange your replacement ring. If you want to resize your current ring please follow the returns procedure

Forum activity and NFC Ring powered car starter

There has been a hive of activity over at the forum with lots of people showing their projects and using their ring in awesome way such as Lokki’s Car starter project.

NFC Ring Unlock

NFC Ring Unlock 1.5.9 now in production and features some important bug fixes.

Struggling using your ring?

Please use the forum as your first port of call, our amazing community is helping each other get started.

Investing in the NFC Ring project

In the long video I post some thoughts about doing some sort of share option for Kickstarter backers so we can avoid the same as what happened to Oculus.. I start talking about this at 19:30... We’d love to get your thoughts and feedback about what we can do here so if you some ideas please do share 🙂