Welcome our great overlord, the NFC Ring Gift Card.

What a few weeks it’s been *wipes team sweat from team brow.

1 Hour Long Video update for the brave..


  • All backers orders fulfilled (on route). Alpha backers getting vouchers for store if we couldn’t fulfill order
  • Stealth bomber update due mid October
  • Innovation and creativity blooming on the NFC Ring Forum
  • Rings now back in stock & Gift cards now available on http://store.nfcring.com

    Where are my rings?

    All final Kickstarter rings are now in the post. We may have had to change out some of your style choices as per our previous updates, the reason we couldn’t fulfill each style is that some of the colored inlay covers failed our QA process. The good news is that the changes we made are for production rings which are finished to an exceptionally high standard and thoroughly tested. Everyone who we shipped to will also get a free visual fail ring, just a little something to apologize for the changes, delays and to say thanks for your support and patience! Apologies if you were impacted by the delays, we really do appreciate you being part of the project.

    Alpha Ring Vouchers

    Any backers from this shipment who’s order couldn’t be fulfilled due to a lack of Alpha stock will be receiving a voucher for their Alpha ring that can be used on the store, the ETA on Alpha rings landing on the store is roughly 4 weeks. We couldn’t fulfill the orders waiting on Alpha rings any earlier because we didn’t have your other rings, as soon as the other rings arrived we shipped out. Apologies for the delay with the Alpha rings, this issue only affects a small % of our backers, we’re eager to get Alpha rings available on the store so hopefully the delays will be tolerable.

    Stealth Bomber Vouchers

    We should have a good idea of where we’re at in mid October as far as being able to create some sort of alternative to the Stealth Bomber ring. We’re being very careful to set a date or state things are going to work out great, even with all of our experience in failing so hard and fast with the original NFC Ring we’re still not exempt from making the same mistakes twice. We appreciate your patience here, just like with the original
    NFC Ring we hope it pays dividends!

    I have my rings, how are you making my NFC Ring experience more awesome?

    We’re working on refining various aspects of the NFC Ring, a lot of our focus has been on internal processes such as sales, returns and warranties, the idea is that when you recommend the NFC Ring to a friend we have a great purchasing process and suitable shipping options, this has taken a fair amount of time and effort to get setup. We have also been working hard on the apps and we hope within a few weeks we will be able to share some of our progress. Most of the progress at current is coming from the amazing NFC Ring community who are developing new solutions/apps etc. over at the Forum.

    I didn’t get a shipping notification and I still haven’t received a ring

    If you haven’t had a shipping notification and are still waiting on your rings please get in touch via support@nfcring.com – Please note we will email the email address you used on Kickstarter, please check your spam/promotions folder etc. before getting in touch!

    Stock and Gift Cards

    It’s no secret that we have been pretty much sold out entirely, well today we’re introducing new stock so if you have been waiting to grab a ring now is the time. We also introduced a gift card so if you want to grab someone else a ring as a gift but don’t know their ring size you can simply purchase a gift card and forward them the email with the voucher code. What do you think about the idea of introducing gift cards? Is it something you would buy for a friend knowing that we’re now setup to have rings to customers within 3 days of purchasing on the store?

    Social tentacles

    http://forum.nfcring.com / https://blog.nfcring.com / http://twitter.com/nfcring / http://facebook.com/nfcring / http://youtube.com/nfcring / #nfcring freenode.net / http://store.nfcring.com