Say Hello to NFC Ring Unlock V1.6

Wow what a few weeks it’s been on the app dev side of things, we have some huge updates to let you know about.

What’s new TLDR;

  • Simple walk-through Wizard on first run
  • Disable lock-screen when connected to Wifi (Tasker plugin support)
  • Allow widgets (Clocks etc.) on lock-screen
  • Lots of bug-fixes

Getting started Wizard

One of the big complaints people had about NFC Ring Unlock was that it was unintuitive, we agreed, so a complete rewrite of the user experience has been implemented. Firstly you will notice a getting started wizard, secondly all of the menu options have had a rename so they make a lot more sense!


Tasker plugin support

With the new Tasker plugin support you can enable/disable your lock-screen based on an event or your environment, for example you might want to disable your lock-screen when you are connected to a trusted Wifi or when you get into your car. We documented how to disable NFC Ring Unlock lock screen while connected to your trusted home wifi. It’s up to you what solution you put in place to suit your needs 🙂

Widgets on Lockscreen

You can now put any Android widget you want on the lock-screen, including clocks. Pretty awesome huh?
NFC Ring Unlock Clock Widget


  • Support Android L
  • GMail password input now a password field
  • Mandatory PIN for supporting flight mode
  • Lots of other minor fixes