Shipping, Stealth bombers, App updates, 3D Models, Ldn!, Your thoughts on Visual Failures

Long video — 30 minutes! Beware of dragons!

Getting your rings to you

We have 1900 Alphas due to arrive with us by the end of this week, this means we can fulfill the majority of outstanding orders taking us to 85% of orders fulfilled.
Ring Sizes 8.5/10.5/12 and outstanding custom orders due to land with us in 3 weeks, this is a knock on from the number of QA failures in these sizes.

Stealth bombing

We have made lots of progress on Stealth bomber development. Our new blank prototypes ordered and we’re prototyping new carbon fibre replacement material

App goodness

Say Hello to various usability updates in NFC Ring Unlock. These updates include prompt to scan key when enabling security and various other bits that will improve NFC Ring bearer experience. . Also if you posted a review to this app it might be out of date so please revise your review! Thanks!

We also introduced more translations and bugfix to NFC Ring Control

Solid bro

We uploaded our 3D Models & Ring Blanks Engineering drawings(Solidworks) to our github repo


I’m going to be at Devoxx UK showing off the NerFC gun and the NFC Rings to folks in London, bump me via email or twitter mention @johnmclear if you wanna meet up. I’m also going to be at the NFC Forum event in Edinburgh so the same applies!
Check out our great friend Gareth Halfacree who writes our press releases and is also our “Stick Things together with glue ambassador”

Penny for your thoughts

We Purchased 5000 QA Visual fails and read fails from the factory, what do you think we should do with them? If we find a good use for them there are 6000 more visual QA fails available to purchase if we can find a good use. A lot of these fail QA rings are unique rings in unique colors that will probably never be made again so you may be able to get your hands on something really unique! If you have some thoughts on this please share them so we can make a decision on what to do with these rings!

Example of a visual fail ring.

View entire album of visual fails.