Windows Phone Control App updates

We just pushed a new version of NFC Ring Control to the Windows Store. The new version includes:

  • vCard Support
  • Localization / Translations
  • History
  • Various other bug fixes.

Due to the great work by the Apache Cordova team we were finally able to re-base all application onto one master branch for the Android, BlackBerry, Firefox OS and Windows Phone Apps. This means any improvements we add to the Android App are now instantly available in on the Windows Phone version.

Microsoft also made our application and submission process completely painless so now publishing updates is quick and easy so they should be more frequent!

We still have some issues we’re dealing with to make the app experience completely seamless but today marks a huge leap forward for Windows Phone users.

See our source code or contribute to the NFC Ring Control project on Github

Also, a little reminder that we have 9 days left on our latest Kickstarter Campaign for the 2016 Model NFC Ring. Check them out and support the campaign!