Bears will never be safe again – Kickstarter Update

Long Video update

I’m still waiting!

All backers still waiting on their rings to ship will have received an email from us yesterday. These delays aren’t acceptable and we’re doing everything we can to make them suck as little as possible for our backers.

Alpha shipping update

The alphas landed a day early (Thursday) and we tested the next day(Friday). About 55% of the Alphas still failed QA so we have ordered more alphas. There was also a shortage of rings delivered, we expected 1900 and we got 1016. We packaged up the Alphas over the weekend and began shipping them on Wednesday (two days ago). Our next shipment of alphas should be with us by the 10th of July. Due to the large number of QA fails our inlay stocks ran low so this delayed progress by 7 days. Apologies if you are still waiting for an alpha ring.

Collection shipping update

Some collections have been waiting on alpha rings to arrive. we are currently shipping the collections we can complete. We can fulfil roughly 30% of the collections with the stock we have currently. We should be able to begin fulfilling the final 70% of collections on the 10th of July. Again, apologies if you are waiting for your collection, they do take us a little while longer to pick and pack so we appreciate your patience.

Custom rings shipping update

We’re due to receive final delivery of the properly finished custom rings on Wednesday, they are shipping from China today (Friday).

Out of stock ring sizes and ETA for backers STILL waiting

Our next delivery of out of stock ring sizes (standard store styles) is due on Wednesday and we’re fully prepared for when it lands. These are sizes 8.5, 10.5 and 11.5 (in various styles). This delivery will help us fulfil orders containing those ring sizes. On the day it lands we usually get to QA testing right away then begin putting the rings into stock. It usually takes 2 or 3 days to package everything up, then the rings leave our office to be shipped to backers.

Arduino module

It’s official; we have decided on our favorite NFC module for Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Other development platforms(SPI/I2C).. It’s the V3 PN532 NFC Module from Elechouse. This great little board destroys all the competition with it’s superb read performance and excellent software(Disclaimer we contributed to the software!) and form factor. Grab yourself an Elechouse PN532 V3 today for just $22.90!! and also while you are at it grab yourself an Arduino Starter Kit from the good folks over at Oomlout

Digital door locks

It’s never been easier to get the right door lock to work with your NFC Ring, it’s so easy you can just search online for the following Samsung Digital Door lock model numbers and you will be good to go:
SHS-1321 (Example ebay auction with one one)
SHS-3320 (Example ebay auction with one one)
At some point in the future we’d like to stock these locks but right now all of our time/effort is being spent on the rings and getting them to you awesome people.

NFC Ring Unlock and Control updates

We made the registration process simpler and clearer.
We added functionality to show a warning if you try to write too much data to your NFC Ring. The app will figure out the size of the available storage when you do a “Read”.
If you do get an error writing to your NFC Ring you will now be told what that error is.
We have included various new translations and updates / fixes for existing ones.


Some people have the “NOT AN NFC RING” error when trying to register their ring to get an Unlock user/pass. Don’t panic if this happens to you, just drop us through an email at and we will sort it 🙂 FWIW this error is caused by a user issue with the factory testing App during the QA process, We discovered the cause of this fault and terminated it, RIP.

Stealth bomber

We’re making good progress on trying to resolve our stealth bomber issues, it’s still far too early to speculate on how this may turn out but so far we think we have solved the majority of the problems we’re just waiting on samples to prove our theories.

Minor Forum Updates

We have stripped out the old standard forum login and have now replaced this with our Single Sign On implementation. We’ve done this to future-proof and start to bring all our services together to make it easier for you guys to get involved without having to remember multiple logins.
If you are now having trouble logging in to the forum, please register for an account on with your previous forum email and username.

New team members

This week we welcomed Alex and Stuart to the NFC Ring team, their main focus is to handle our community relations, processing returns/replacements and customer support (replying to your emails etc)