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NFC Ring Abroad – Part 1 – Balanced Delays

This is the first in our series of video updates, follow us as we travel to China, through Hong Kong and meet friends, family and factories! Live and Direct from Helsinki during our 10 hour flight delay! Includes details on the NFC Ring Unlock App. Symbian, WebOS and Windows Phone NFC Ring app updates. News […]

8 days left to buy with Bitcoins

There is only 8 days left to buy the NFC ring on Bitcoinstarter Options include Pledge 0.10000000 Ƀ or more Be your own boss. 3D print your own ring! We will ship you an NFC inlay. Pledge 0.31000000 Ƀ or more NFC Ring & App Pledge 0.31000000 Ƀ or more ALPHA MAN SIZE RING: This […]

Getting your ring size

If you already know your ring size you can skip this step. The difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable ring is only a few tenth of a mm so it’s important you get your ring size right. If you aren’t going to wear your ring all of the time you can probably get by with […]

Rackspace NFC Ring challenge

Rackspace are giving away 100$ free hosting to anyone who can get the private key from their NFC Ring at DEFCON. Look out for the guy wearing the t-shirt with the challenge details on.. This might seem like a really bad idea for us but we want hackers to own this technology, not p0wn it.. […]