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Come along and join us on Reddit. We go wild. Other recommended subreddits.. /r/technology /r/opensource /r/android /r/programming /r/futurology /r/gentlemanboners Visit NFC Ring on Reddit and begin your blue arrow destruction while sober and orange arrow spamming while not.

Big App Update

Hey Everyone, welcome to 2014, the year of the NFC Ring. Production update Over Christmas and New year our team in the UK took it relatively easy, spending time with family and friends. China was very much running at 100%, producing as many rings as possible so we can meet our mid-late Jan shipping deadline […]

Christmas card for backers

Here is a printable gift card you can give to your loved ones for Christmas, we’re sorry the rings aren’t done in time.. Obviously this isn’t a perfect replacement for the ring but it should hopefully help those who want to give something that tells a bit of a story.

Why we’re only accepting bitcoin for pre-releases

It’d be an obvious criticism that we’re following a bunch of rainbow fueled tech trends, no doubt wearable technology is being circle-jerked and no doubt NFC is a hot topic but why on this crazy planet of ours would we exclusively take Bitcoin for our pre-orders? Adopting Bitcoin so early on may seem very anti-capitalist […]

We’ve earned a drink tonight team! 6 Bars, PASS!

Wow, just wow.. We kinda thought we had done a good enough job to keep the ring Water Resistant in general use but we never expected to be able to say you can go down to 50M wearing the ring.. Not that you should of course, or should you? We don’t know.. We’re land lubbers.. […]