Improvements made to the NFC Ring during and after Kickstarter funding

These are the improvements we have made during and post the kickstarter campaign:

  1. Switch from Steel to medical grade Titanium
  2. Retune the Antenna to Titanium (This caused the majority of the delay, about 10 weeks)
  3. Reduce the thickness of the ring from 2.2mm to 2mm
  4. Soften the outer rim radius making the ring a more comfortable fit
  5. Introduce a comfort fit to both rings providing a more comfortable wearer experience
  6. Do water resistance testing up to 6 bars (50M)
  7. Introduce new color options (both metal and inlay covers
  8. Replace the 30mm x 6mm antenna with a 20mm x 6mm for improved performance

None physical ring but related to backers.

  1. Provide the NFC ring unlock app free of charge for Android
  2. Provide the sweet spot stickers FOC
  3. Open source the NFC Ring app
  4. Provide Windows Mobile app
  5. Provide backers with 25% off
  6. Open source the ring physical spec sheets
  7. Provide developers with inlays and development prototype rings
  8. Provide all ring level backers with free additional inlays
  9. Provide all inlay level backers with free additional inlays

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