5 Free Android Apps you can use with your NFC Ring

You can use your NFC Ring with any NFC App on the Google Play Store not just the NFC Ring Control and NFC Ring Unlock Apps. Here are some we recommend.

Reset your NFC Ring and protect your NFC Rings contents

TagWriter can be used to Clean your NFC Ring should your ring need resetting. Simply select Tools > Clean and your work is done 🙂 TagWriter can also be used to Clone your rings data contents. TagWriter can also be used to write protect your NFC Ring but be careful using this!

Read the in depth data about your NFC Ring

TagInfo can be used to read the IC type, data and other information about your Ring.

Share WiFi Settings with your NFC Ring

Instawifi can be used to Share Wifi information using your NFC Ring.

An NFC Ring powered Alarm clock

Puzzle Alarm Clock requires that you use your NFC Ring to disable the Alarm alert, simple but genius!

Do this when I touch my Phone to my NFC Ring

Bored of putting your phone on silent every time you get into the office? Tired of turning off Bluetooth to conserve battery every time juice gets low?
Trigger interacts with your surroundings to configure settings on your phone automatically. Combine triggers and actions to create tasks, then activate the tasks that you create with conditions that you set!