Free NFC Rings for Creatives

Today we’re pleased to show our support for makers, creators, hackers and tinkerers by offering some 2013 QA FAIL NFC Ring packs for hackers!

A percentage of the 2013(Not our latest rings) NFC Rings failed our QA tests in some way so these rings have some fault. The fault could be that it has a small scratch or that one side of the ring doesn’t work, but generally they will be perfect for hacking about with, making some art, or just wearing as a fashion piece. We can’t provide specific size/styles though so you will get whatever is closest to our hand at the time we’re packing your order up. It should be a pretty good mix of styles and models though and cover everybody’s needs.

Just to note, these rings are NOT the 2016 NFC Ring Rings you see on Kickstarter, these are our 2013 Titanium Rings (that have failed QA testing).

Why do this?
Our friends are creators, makers, movers and shakers. We want to give you the opportunity to play with our technology at the lowest possible cost. We hope that in return our community will continue building awesome things and spread the good NFC Ring word.

How do I get my hand on them?
Email and let us know you are interested. We will need to know which creative space and how many. Packs are in increments of 50 rings and shipping starts at about £60 GBP.

Shipping is excluded.

You need to be from either a creative community that promotes open hardware and software. Please only get in touch if you fit these requirements.

These rings can not be used for resale but they can be given away however it must be clear on redistribution that they are fail QA rings.

Want to grab one of the latest NFC Rings? Head over to our Live Kickstarter Campaign!