500% Backer Update!

Thank you!

Hey guys, well we have all been busy, you have all done a great job commenting about spreading the NFC Ring love over social networks, thank you so much, we’re half way to reaching the amazing stretch goal where Kickstarter Edition backers get a second ring for free so let’s keep pushing!

We asked you at the beginning of the week to let us know your top three ideas for what you want your NFC Ring to do, and we’ve had a lot of ideas coming through which is great. The winner will be announced on the 16th August the winning idea will be put into the app, so keep them coming! To get involved simply send your top three ideas for the function of the ring to us on Kickstarter.

We’ve had a lot of questions on Kickstarter about how much the ring is going to be once it’s finished, at the moment we haven’t got an exact price, so get on Kickstarter and get them while they’re at a really good price! Also if you’re wanting multiple pledges then just add the second ring to your pledge amount, check the FAQs for details! Another question has been about ring sizes for the best result go see a jeweler and ask them to measure your ring finger. Ask them to use a “Wide Band Ring Gauge”, if they use a thin gauge tool it wont be ideal as it wont truly represent the width of the NFC Ring.

What we’ve been up to!

We built a testing tool for an testing accurately how well a smartphone will work with the ring, this enabled us to understand where sweet spots are on different phones so that will improve the design and readabilitry of the ring. John put together a video with a little explanation for the testing tool

NFC Ring App

We have moved the NFC Ring app over to a PhoneGap build which means that we will be able to release the app on Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry and if Apple support NFC on their future products, we will have an app for that. A huge thank you to Don Coleman for getting the NFC plugin through and also the PhoneGap team for getting version 3 out!
Our Windows Phone app is currently in review and initially it will support Windows Phone 7 and hopefully support for Windows Phone 8 is coming soon.

The NFC Ring Unlock app is now ready to be published to the Google Play, we will be contacting you upon kickstarter to let you know how to get your app!

Trip to the East!

In three days time we are going to China to visit the factories to oversee production of the ring! We have ordered parts for 12000 normal rings and 5000 alpha rings, so this means we will be able to see the beginning of the production process whilst over there. We are taking requests for meet-ups when in Hong Kong and China so if you are over there and want to meet us to see the ring drop Tanya an email at Tanya@mclear.co

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