7 days into Kickstarter.. What’s next?

You did it!
In just a week you made the NFC Ring not only a reality but possibly humanities best shot at making wearable technology a movement powered by the people.

You already smashed some Stretch goals and got some great things available:
– Multiple ring/inlay pledge options
– Sweet spot sticker with every ring
– Titanium Ring option
– Android NFC Ring Unlock App
– Investigate Windows Mobile App
– Provide half size ring options
– Create Stealth Bomber ring option
– Five color inlay options

Keep pushing because there are some great future Stretch goals still to reach:
– £110,000 Windows Mobile App
– £150,000 Different color options for the ring metal (IE Black/Blue)
– £200,000 Ten color inlay options
– £250,000 Provide transparent Inlay covers
– £300,000 All Kickstarter Edition Ring backers receive a free Alpha Ring. Perfect gift, who doesn’t want a free ring!
– £350,000 Investigate iPhone Partnership with an NFC sleeve provider

We ordered early
Due to the large demand we have ordered the internal parts for 10000 rings, this should remove some delay from production.
We’re going to China to oversee production
Getting the rings right is really important to us so mid-August we’re flying out to visit our factories and suppliers in China.
We will be video logging our visit over at http://youtube.co/nfcring – Subscribing will be a great way to keep up with how your ring production is proceeding.

Get to a jewellery shop if you can
Ask them to measure your ring finger, the more accurate the reading the better your ring will fit. Once you have your ring size store it safe as we will be asking for it shortly. If you can’t get to a jewellers we will be providing you with other measurement options over the next few weeks. S

What do you need to do?

1. Subscribe to the Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/nfcring and/or the blog at https://blog.nfcring.com

2. Visit a jewellers and get your ring finger size

3. Keep on telling your friends about the project, we’re on to hit our big stretch goals

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