Why we’re only accepting bitcoin for pre-releases

It’d be an obvious criticism that we’re following a bunch of rainbow fueled tech trends, no doubt wearable technology is being circle-jerked and no doubt NFC is a hot topic but why on this crazy planet of ours would we exclusively take Bitcoin for our pre-orders?

Adopting Bitcoin so early on may seem very anti-capitalist but hopefully it’s becoming clear to our community that we’re trying to empower the average Joe(Me and you) with technology the average Joe(Your Mum and Dad) can leverage or at least investigate in a transparent fashion.

Our actions such as releasing all of our data sheets, spec sheets and source code open source as-well as empowering our community to steer the NFC Ring forward are hopefully making a statement that we want a fairer world and we believe that fairness can only come with transparency.. Bitcoin ticks the transparency box and also reduces our overhead costs and dependencies on not payment providers that don’t have a very good reputation in supporting start-ups. (IE PayPal)

WordPress states “code is poetry”, if that’s the case then I’d suggest Crypto-currencies are fine-art, both can be easily bisected, hacked, modified, recreated, read, copied, pasted, hashed, bashed and mashed. Our current Banking system on the other hand is rigid, unreadable and shrouded in secrecy and organizations that wont open their door to you until you are willing to play by their rules and regulations, if you don’t believe this is the case.. In the UK only one bank license has been issued a license in over 100 years. If Unfiltered teaches us one thing, it’s to follow the money, in this case, we don’t need to look very far.. We know something is broken so we’re doing a tiny little bit to try and promote a potential fix. As engineers we’re constantly struggling against consumer expectations and corporate demands and sometimes we have to take risks to stand by what we believe in. Today we did just that.

In some ways we do want to deliver a message to the banks, yes, we(the NFC Ring team) do believe part of their systems are broken and we believe we(and the wider Bitcoin community) are part of the cure. We’re a small, tiny fragment of the solution but when you look at the larger picture of how much empowerment the average Joe (Uncle Ron and Auntie Jane) get from being able to use a ring to make payments you start to ask, “Why can’t I do that already?” and the answer is simple, the resistance of change in the banking system.

So if you believe in Bitcoins, it’d be great if you purchased a ring, if not, no worries, thanks for reading anyway. If you read this after Black Friday, sorry man, you missed out!


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