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  • Payment ring updates

    In August we showcased our smart ring with contactless payments at the Rio Olympics in collaboration with Visa. Our demonstration was a major success. Top athletes from around the world wore the ring to make payments throughout the Olympic Village.   This marks the ‘launch’ phase of our third generation smart ring. We are now […]

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  • We’re launching our next-gen NFC Ring at 2016 Rio Olympics

    We are officially launching our next generation NFC Ring at the 2016 Rio Olympics – one that can make payments using a debit, credit, or any other card. We showcased the first model of this device in 2015 with Visa and the UK fashion house House of Holland. Now we’ve started shipping units to be […]

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  • Arduino NFC Ring sizing image

    The art of fulfilment

    Since launching our first Rings in 2013 we’ve learnt a lot about hardware. One thing that is easily overlooked is fulfillment – just how do you go from factory to the doors and mailboxes of backers, friends and innovators? Getting shipment of Rings that pass QA tests is one hurdle we’ve pretty much got solved […]

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  • Black Friday Weekend Sale

    We did it last year for the first time. We’re doing it again. Although we’ve decided to offer an even better deal this time around. This Black Friday through to Cyber Monday ALL Titanium NFC Rings are 40% off. Our new Ceramic rings aren’t left out either, with 30% off the usual pre-order price – now […]

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  • TrackHack 2015

    TrackHack is a Hackathon where we will be integrating NFC into Web apps. TrackHack will be in London on November 20th –> 22nd @ Campus London. We will have loads of goodies there so if you are technically inclined and this sounds interesting to you then come and tinker with us! Register for this completely […]

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  • Free NFC Rings for Creatives

    Today we’re pleased to show our support for makers, creators, hackers and tinkerers by offering some 2013 QA FAIL NFC Ring packs for hackers! A percentage of the 2013(Not our latest rings) NFC Rings failed our QA tests in some way so these rings have some fault. The fault could be that it has a […]

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  • Windows Phone Control App updates

    We just pushed a new version of NFC Ring Control to the Windows Store. The new version includes: vCard Support Localization / Translations History Various other bug fixes. Due to the great work by the Apache Cordova team we were finally able to re-base all application onto one master branch for the Android, BlackBerry, Firefox […]

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  • Our 2016 campaign is live on Kickstarter!

    Visit our Kickstarter campaign now and be one of the lucky 200 early birds that snag a fantastic deal! Back us now!

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