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NFC Ring Unlock in Android Core

Well we did it, from starting our project in October 2012 it’s taken 2 years but NFC Unlock is now available as part of Android Core / AOSP. It’s been a really long road to walk to get to this point and we’re super happy with what we have achieved.  We will be continuing to […]

Say Hello to NFC Ring Unlock V1.6

Wow what a few weeks it’s been on the app dev side of things, we have some huge updates to let you know about. What’s new TLDR; Simple walk-through Wizard on first run Disable lock-screen when connected to Wifi (Tasker plugin support) Allow widgets (Clocks etc.) on lock-screen Lots of bug-fixes Getting started Wizard One […]

How To: NFC Ring Unlock and Tasker Tutorial

In the latest version of NFC Ring Unlock we added support for Tasker, woop. Tasker is a third party Android app that provides an “If this then that” type of experience. So if your Wifi is connected, disable your NFC Ring Unlock screen, for example.. But the fun doesn’t need to stop there.. Tasker is […]

5 Free Android Apps you can use with your NFC Ring

You can use your NFC Ring with any NFC App on the Google Play Store not just the NFC Ring Control and NFC Ring Unlock Apps. Here are some we recommend. Reset your NFC Ring and protect your NFC Rings contents TagWriter can be used to Clean your NFC Ring should your ring need resetting. […]

Welcome our great overlord, the NFC Ring Gift Card.

What a few weeks it’s been *wipes team sweat from team brow. 1 Hour Long Video update for the brave.. TLDR; All backers orders fulfilled (on route). Alpha backers getting vouchers for store if we couldn’t fulfill order Stealth bomber update due mid October Innovation and creativity blooming on the NFC Ring Forum Rings now […]

Progress in many shapes and sizes – Kickstarter update

Long Video coming soon Who is still waiting and why? 92.9% now shipped and fulfilled, 7.1% still waiting as we’re waiting on our next delivery from China. Each backer that is still waiting was given the option to change their ring choice so we could fulfill their order, both ourselves and our backers felt this […]

With pride of lion – Kickstarter update

Also a long video update here.. This is probably our most joyful update to write since we started our Kickstarter campaign, it feels good and we’re really proud of what our team and community has achieved. Firstly a thank you to our team and the army of people who have helped us QA test, pick […]

More rings on route! Kickstarter update

Happy July the 4th, although it offends me to write the month before the day, for this special day in your history I make an exception 😉 — John Long video update is also available for backers who are suckers for punishemnt.. We usually update bi-weekly but it’s been such a busy week that we […]

Bears will never be safe again – Kickstarter Update

Long Video update I’m still waiting! All backers still waiting on their rings to ship will have received an email from us yesterday. These delays aren’t acceptable and we’re doing everything we can to make them suck as little as possible for our backers. Alpha shipping update The alphas landed a day early (Thursday) and […]